About Casa

Canadian and Nicaraguan students outside a community project, the rehabilitation of a school, in the town of Niquinohomo (March 2012).

Casa Canadiense (Casa) is a Canadian-Nicaraguan partnership that supports community development initiatives in Nicaragua. While primarily a volunteer-run organization, Casa maintains sufficient support staff and cooperants in Managua and Toronto to ensure a comprehensive and dedicated delivery of our mandate.

Casa Canadiense strives to teach Canadians about world issues through the microcosm of Nicaragua. Casa encourages Canadians, especially youth, to travel to Nicaragua and learn more about the country and its people in a manner that does not replicate the usual “tourist gaze” approach, but rather nurtures relationships between Canadians and their hosts. Since its founding, Casa has hosted hundreds of Canadian students from across Canada.

Casa Canadiense supports grassroots community development projects initiated and run by local Nicaraguan groups. These initiatives have an educational focus and range from small infrastructure to professional training projects, from building a one-room school-house to a seed bank for an agricultural cooperative.

Casa Canadiense receives no federal funding; we depend on the donations from our supporters and from our fundraising activities in Canada.


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